Sunday, December 21, 2008

Canon vs Nikon

Ginnngggg....the fight just started....again!

After a lot rumors, Canon released the new 5D Mark II and the first exemplars got shipped out already. I tried my luck to get hands on that beautiful piece of equipment, but I had no luck, because they are sold old till February. I got my hands on something else. More will follow soon.
Anyways, the interesting facts are the ISO range, the HD movie capability, the 3 inch screen and the image quality.

Here a picture I found on flickr.
Shoot on the lowest ISO possible. ISO 50. Best view on large!

Now, to Nikon's D3x

I think the world didn't got that exited about the D3x, because it is almost the same Camera like the D3! The "new" things are a lower frame rate, and a lower ISO speed wich is something special on the digital Nikon's, because the lowest ISO on most Nikon's is 200. The D3x got a ISO 100. But this feature isn't worth the pay 8000 USD!
Here a sample picture from the website from Nikon: again, Best view in large

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