Sunday, May 3, 2009

Battle Instinct

01-14-09 Battle Instinct_135

01-14-09 Battle Instinct_113

01-14-09 Battle Instinct_47

Battle Instinct Fisheye Pics_27

If you got some rythem, check out the myspace from MARC HYPE

Battle Instinct Fisheye Pics_32

I was shooting for Battle Insinct, a hip-hop battle event in Potsdam.


Doll: Luiza Ge├čner

01-17-09 Luiza_4BW

01-17-09 Luiza_10BW

01-17-09 Luiza_7

Josi Bredow

04-01-09 Josi L. Bredow_11

04-01-09 Josi L. Bredow_33

04-01-09 Josi L. Bredow_22

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Back to the rootes

I didn't do any lightpainting for a long time. But since the moon was so great in the last couple of days, I just had to go out!

The last one is actually a long exposure of my dorm room.