Thursday, December 25, 2008

Can I atleast dream a little bit?

My dad was able to pick me up last Friday from boarding school.
We drove to a mall to do some Christmas shopping. Well....we went to the electronic section, like guys always do. While my dad tried some navigation systems out, I asked for the new
Canon 5D Mk II. They said that they are out of stock till February.
How ever, they had a Canon 1Ds Mark III in a vitrine. It becomes even better, there was a 300mm 2.8 mounted on it.
I asked a employer if I can "try the beast out," and JACKPOT!

The first two pictures where taken with the 300mm lens across the room.

The last two pictures where taken with a 16-35mm 2.8 II. Both pictures are showing my dad.

If you care, take a look on the pictures in full resolution, and the EXIF data.
They are straight out of the camera and converted from Raw to Jpeg in CS4

Edit: The pictures where compressed by blogger. Normally, they are 7-14mb big and 21mp huge.

Winter Formal

no comment

Above Potsdam again???

Yes, Torsten and I went on a walk a week back. Up on the Brauhausberg to the parlament. You have a great view over the city.

View of the Nikolaichurch

A Trabant 601 right in front of the Parliament Building

Close up

I played recently with my 50mm 1.8 lens again, and the beautiful deep of field.

I took all pictures down in the activity room of the boarding school.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Above Potsdam

A couple weeks ago, Max Weber, a fellow classmate helped me to get on the St. Nikolai church.
The church was destroyed in the second WW, and was rebuilt after.
A beautiful piece of architecture.

Thanks to Max and his Dad for getting me up there.

German Christmas Markets

Christmas markets are really fun.
There are a lot of different things to eat and to buy around!
I also really enjoy all the colors and the different kinds if smell!

The last two pictures where taking in a book store!
The guy know where each book is in this room!

Mrs. Bartel

Mrs. Bartel is my host-grandma in my 5th Internship.
She is a lovely old woman, but blind since 1976.
She will turn 64 this Dec. 27th.
It's amazing how strong she is,and the she is so active in clubs and a choir.

Check this out!

Savanna started her own new blog!

Juicy Fisheye Action

Here are some pictures I took over the summer with my Canon EF and my favorite lens, a Sigma 15mm f2.8 Fisheye FD
The pictures remind me on warmer times =]

My School a discounter

Junk Charly

I Josepha

Fog in the car off to work

a sweet racing bike Nebraska?

Porsche some flowers

Mountain bikers Lights

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Canon vs Nikon

Ginnngggg....the fight just started....again!

After a lot rumors, Canon released the new 5D Mark II and the first exemplars got shipped out already. I tried my luck to get hands on that beautiful piece of equipment, but I had no luck, because they are sold old till February. I got my hands on something else. More will follow soon.
Anyways, the interesting facts are the ISO range, the HD movie capability, the 3 inch screen and the image quality.

Here a picture I found on flickr.
Shoot on the lowest ISO possible. ISO 50. Best view on large!

Now, to Nikon's D3x

I think the world didn't got that exited about the D3x, because it is almost the same Camera like the D3! The "new" things are a lower frame rate, and a lower ISO speed wich is something special on the digital Nikon's, because the lowest ISO on most Nikon's is 200. The D3x got a ISO 100. But this feature isn't worth the pay 8000 USD!
Here a sample picture from the website from Nikon: again, Best view in large

Home Centers

are a places to by new Kitchens, Couches etc.
But not for a photographer!
There are shapes, lines, and clean cool looking room, and all in great light conditions.
It's a shame that it's forbidden in mist some pictures I took.

BTW: I got a nice little carpet for my room at boarding school. It was reduced too!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


After Teresa and I got everybody safely from Daves party back to boarding school, I took a nap, and took the train back to Brandenburg, where my dad picked me up to take me home.
I'm not sure why, but sometimes Ziesar feels like a cage, and it can be really boring and even depressing there sometimes. I think the pictures explain well.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dave is LeGaL!

Here some pictures from Dave's Birthday party.
It was really fun to have some people actually asking for your pictures!
I wish that happens more often ;D

To bad that my flash died on me some when around 1am, so it got harder and less attractive, so I just went on dancing, till I had to pick up my friends to get the back to boarding school.
Clara and Nele really wanted to have a bar in there face


Every German loves 4 things!


I denied all 4 of them.

But we can talk about the last two things.
Sauerkraut is so good sometimes, and soccer is really fun to shoot!

I go sometimes out with the kids from boarding school and take pictures while they are playing.
I really like to shoot sports, and everything action related.

Here are some of my favorite pictures!

Still learning... to use the on shoe flash for my camera.
It's harder than I expected to make the flash pictures look naturally.
The pictures shows Torsten. We went on a walk, and he showed me some really cool photography locations.