Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fall is over,

and winter is coming.
We got the first real snow over the last couple of days.
So, the kids on my floor and went out at 3:30am to be the first people on the fresh, clean snow.


If I'm not taking picutres or doing something for school (I actually do nothing right now), I'm gaming at my roommates awesome PC-games, most recently Far Cry, and the past two days
Call of Duty 5, which totally amazes me.

Far-Cry 2 got awesome details and graphics, a fun multi player mode, but a really lame story, which is a shame.
We often play it over LAN at boarding school sometimes for hours.

CoD 5 is just amazing, the story is great, and I don't even have to talk about the graphics.
I think my favorite mission is where you have to destroy the ships and Zero planes.

Give me some color, baby!

I asked my DS teacher (see pictures previous post ago) about some color gels for my flash, and the one day, he got me green, blue and red gels for my flash.
I now, it's not quite like a rainbow, but it's something to play with!

Charly, in my room.
I should clean him, not Charly, but my room.

Examination Time

Ladies and Gentleman, it is a race!

The time for examinations has just started, that means, I've to write a big test in every subject I got, even in sport or theater.
I screwed already my french and german examination up, and more will follow.

I'm not sure how important that stuff is, because they, the teachers, will delete all grades after the semester...anyways, I shouldn't be that lazy, but I am.


People might as me What is wrong with you?
This post didn't even has a picture!

OK, but that made me actually really laughing out loud!

if your are not a fan for dirty jokes, don't click on it :D

Saturday, November 15, 2008


These are old storehouses near downtown Potsdam, right next to the Havel.
The are at a beautiful spot, and there are tonnes of S p a c e and opportunity.
It's known, that the ANTIFA hides some weapons somewhere in this era, because there bar is just across the streets.
Anyways, Raffael and I went there o Wednesday because the moon was just right, and not that cold. We sneaked at first on a other area (last pic.) and later went on to go on to the storehouses.
It was pretty amazing to see that old architecture at night, but the batteries from my flash died soon, and I had no extra batteries with me, which was a bummer.
so we leaved the area at around 12pm, and sneaked back to boarding school.

I hopefully can return soon, because it's just an amazing spot!

I can't decide if I like the 1st or the 2nd on version better.
most people like the first version, I do like the second somehow better.

The Skyline of Potsdam. I really wanna get this picture on poster size!

Darstellendes Spiel

or just simply a theater course at school is on of my classes since this year.
I like it, mainly because of the people, but I don't mind it, and hopefully I can learn to speak a little bit more freely


The first two pictures where taken down from a ladder, and I bounced the light off from my flash on the wall.

My DS-teacher

11:11am on the 11.11.08

Carnival started.
I usually mind it, but this year was really fun, because the 11th grade organized a little party.
I soon really realized that being a DJ and a Photographer as the same time can be kinda hard, but manageable. Thanks to Max that he let me play most of my stuff.

Here some pictures

some people from my grade

I really like than I can control the light with my flash now!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election Night

Yes, I watched the election in Germany.
The TV stations started broadcasting at 12pm from Chicago and Arizona.
Nils, Longi and I came back from driving school, and made us ready for the night with a gallon of Cola and candies.
We played some computer games until 12pm. After tuning the TV in one at least one of our computers, they started watching while I worked on the designs.
At 2:30am, Longi went to bed, while we changed the TV-computer onto my Leptop.
For a long time, nothing really did change and Nils and started playing again.
I decided, to put my rice-milk in the fridge, but in this 15 seconds on not sitting in front of the tube, Obama became the president of the USA. It was so weird to see that, because he had just 207 electors, and he became the rest in these seconds, we didn't watched.
That did happen around 4:30am in the morning.
We both could not believe it! Obama is PRESIDENT!
Nils and I went on a walk around the Island, and talked for ever about that change.

Without any sleep, we went to school, at 8am.

Obama in Berlin

This man gets a lot to clean up now, hopefully he can handle it.

Messing around...

...with some ideas I got.
I actually really enjoy to make some cool fashion designs for shirts, because they most things I like are so expensive.
Besides that, I learned how to use Fireworks again!

I made them all while watching the election

they picture come all from

Please tell me how you like the designs, and the little bit photoshopping!

Add Video

X-mas is comming....

in more than two months, but I'm eating Lebkuchen since more than a month, and now you can get get even more stuff to make you home look more "decorated," and ready for the holidays....
We just have to wait two more months!

I see...

...nothing besides fog, fog and more fog these days.
I just had to ride into downtown Potsdam to get some grocery and to driving school on Tuesday.
I'm always totally amazed by fog =]

the ideal car for a road trip

Thats my dads T4/Eurovan.
I really like it, because there is so much room to work with, and it got a great mpg, for van!
To bad, that we have to sell it soon, because of the environmental issues going on in bigger Cities.

I got this picture idea from this kid:

Note: the green light is from my lunch box. I used it as a gel.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Josi is my sister since more than 13 years.
But I don't now, why I never really mention her.
Maybe the one reason is, that she is really shy, but not interested in anything besides Manga stuff.
Thats a shame.

Josi, there is more you can do. Just Do It!


That my first role of Medium Format Film I got, It's still in my Bessa, and I'm not sure how it works.
The only thing I know is, thats expensive as hell to develop them!

I still can not get over it...

Fall is there, it's cold, and gets dark at 4:30pm!
The first quarter of school is over and I "just" have 11 quarters left,till graduation xD

Here some random pictures...