Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election Night

Yes, I watched the election in Germany.
The TV stations started broadcasting at 12pm from Chicago and Arizona.
Nils, Longi and I came back from driving school, and made us ready for the night with a gallon of Cola and candies.
We played some computer games until 12pm. After tuning the TV in one at least one of our computers, they started watching while I worked on the designs.
At 2:30am, Longi went to bed, while we changed the TV-computer onto my Leptop.
For a long time, nothing really did change and Nils and started playing again.
I decided, to put my rice-milk in the fridge, but in this 15 seconds on not sitting in front of the tube, Obama became the president of the USA. It was so weird to see that, because he had just 207 electors, and he became the rest in these seconds, we didn't watched.
That did happen around 4:30am in the morning.
We both could not believe it! Obama is PRESIDENT!
Nils and I went on a walk around the Island, and talked for ever about that change.

Without any sleep, we went to school, at 8am.

Obama in Berlin

This man gets a lot to clean up now, hopefully he can handle it.

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