Saturday, November 15, 2008


These are old storehouses near downtown Potsdam, right next to the Havel.
The are at a beautiful spot, and there are tonnes of S p a c e and opportunity.
It's known, that the ANTIFA hides some weapons somewhere in this era, because there bar is just across the streets.
Anyways, Raffael and I went there o Wednesday because the moon was just right, and not that cold. We sneaked at first on a other area (last pic.) and later went on to go on to the storehouses.
It was pretty amazing to see that old architecture at night, but the batteries from my flash died soon, and I had no extra batteries with me, which was a bummer.
so we leaved the area at around 12pm, and sneaked back to boarding school.

I hopefully can return soon, because it's just an amazing spot!

I can't decide if I like the 1st or the 2nd on version better.
most people like the first version, I do like the second somehow better.

The Skyline of Potsdam. I really wanna get this picture on poster size!

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