Saturday, October 25, 2008

One Apartment

Hmmmm I guess I found a new project to work on.
I really like urban architecture at night, and I'll come back more often to these apartment house, just down the street.

The last photograph shows the Big Dipper. I used the industrial laser pointer, I borrowed from my dad, to make these green stripes.

Check out the pictures from this Swedish kid:


are getting really cold and nobody is on the streets at 12pm.

Thats pretty darn AWESOME!!!!

Still making the town look nicer.
some more are around

I found that....

...quite a few weeks back, in the supermarket at the train station in Potsdam.

I just thought it's funny that this a commercial hanging out.
It would not be possible in the USA to hang something like this out.

I made the nipples blurry, as a kind of censorship....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My new/old babies

I've got a new Speedlight for my Canon.
I found a old Voigtländer from 1938 in a closet.
There was one role of 120mm film in it, which I took out to check 
if the camera is still working, it DOES!
I'll let that film develop soon, and get new roles of 120mm film.

I took the last two pictures in my little homemade studio with my XT and the Speedlight.

Holy Smoke, thats cheap!

Gas wasn't that cheap since more than a year!

But still:  

3.8*1.22€= 4.63 €
4.63€*1.30= 6.01$

a Gallon in Germany is around 6$ worth....

so DO NOT complain!

They don't build tanks anymore...

I did spent my night at the old tankfactory a few miles from my home away.
It was the most scariest thing I did in a long time, but still really fun.
I went home after two hours standing in the cold.

If anyone nows how to create slideshows for blogger, please let me now!

I call it Art!

Redesign of the town

The old community pool

I got a nice flash last weekend, and tried it out instantly at the old community pool area.
The main buildings burned down almost 10 years ago. The pool is still there, but trees did grow in there over the past years. To bad, because that was the only place to cool down in the area of around 10 miles.
This time, my sister and I hadn't to cool down by 50°F outside.

Fall is coming!

The panorama shows Potsdam City
I tried some Digital Cross Processing recently

It's getting cold and wet, and I got off for two weeks.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm back under the bats!

1-2 are from Hermannswerder

3-4 are from around Ziesar

I got a new tripod!!!!


Damn straight forward through the wall....

The only way to exit... to jump.

Tonnes of DOF

Depth of Field

Ice Cream

That is Mr. Kumpert, he sells Ice Cream out of his van since
he doesn't "work" anymore.

Ziesar UrbeX

Thats used to be a Kindergarten in Ziesar.