Friday, January 16, 2009

Guess what!

I ended up taking pictures of trees again.
BUT I really like them, because the moon was just right, and made everything so bright.


Raffael has become one of my best buddies oh HW over the year...maybe because he lifes just one door away

Emilia (L) & Hanna (R) in a quick winter portrait on the way to the ferry.

Atze Flasche ( means buddy bottle) in a Berliner dialect.
I started tagging my bottles in class...

Thats the church of Hermannswerder. I've never seen the inside, and I'm planing to not do so until I'm done with School.

Like in good old times.

...when picking up developed film. It's exciting all over again, like Christmas!
This week, X-mas and my birthday came to the same time.
I picked up three developed rolls, and most of them came out really good

Currently I'm using more film than my digital camera, so please be patient about posting.

The first three are taken last year around X-mas time

I tried a long exposure ( I mean really long) once with my cable release...but my hand where freezing off ways to fast.

The last for pictures are taken on Ruegen, with my walk around lens, my fisheye/
This time, I did great on long exposures, the last two are exposes for around 3 and 9 minutes.
I had better music to listen to, and it was not as cold.

life is just sliding along...

serious....we had everything freezing up over the past 1 1/2 weeks, because it was under 0 degrees Celsius/ 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
It's known that I live on an "island" surrounded by the river the Havel.
So, friends from boarding school and I just went along the island, and had some fun sliding along.
Here a bunch of pictures, and a stop motion video.


I'm not sure why I always end up taking pictures of trees.
Probably it's in my gens, because my dad is an arborist, and probably because he shows me always really nice once.
Here are a couple of trees my dad suggested.

The first two pictures are taken with my old Canon EF
the last one with my Canon xt/350D/Kiss.....or what ever the name in your country is.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

GOsh, it's there...the new year!

I spend New Year on Ruegen, Germany biggest island in the Baltic Sea.
We stayed in a little "beach house." It's actually on top of the shore, but still really close to the ocean, and you've got a great view from up there.

On the way up to Ruegen, wie stopped by a park, with more than 1000 year old oak trees.
Thankfully I had time to run some lightpaintings on two of them.

We finally arrived on Ruegen at probably 6pm, and got some shopping done, in a local shop.
After we had some food, we moved in the house, and needed some heaters, because it was freezing inside. After my folks got everything running, I packed up all my camera stuff and went down to the beach, to get some shoots of the water and the coast.
Shamefully, I lost my green gel =/

On New Years Eve, my folks and I walked along the coast, to get a nice view on the fireworks. The fireworks got fired up at a old pier, the main tourist attraction in Sellin.

After the fireworks stopped, we walked down on the beach, and fired up our own rockets.
It's quite impressive how my dad can start them out of his hands.

On Jan. 1st, we went to the "famous" Chalk Coast, in the west of Ruegen, where I took the picture with the piece of wood.
In the evening, I went out to take the last few frames of an abdomen holiday camp, and the view down the coast, to a little town.
After all, I had a really relaxing start in the new year!

Had some time...

...over break, so I snapped some pictures away.

On the 25th. went in my little studio, wish is more like a table top...and made some lightpaintings on my bananas of rock climbing shoes.

A night later, I tried to capture some star stripes, but I failed miserable, because of the lightpolution and my endurance.
Thats the only picture I kinda liked.

On the 26th, my dad and I brought my grandma home, and on the way back, we stopped at the gas station and paid finally less than we got!
That was almost a historic day in the last two year!

Christmas '08

X-mas was really fun this year. My whole family was together in one room since a long time, and Charly, my dog, had is fun with his present too!

Muenchener Baum Kletter Schule

My dad is a teacher in the Munich Tree Climbing School, to educate people about climbing safely on a rope in trees as an arborist.
He gave me the assignment to document some different climbing techniques with different tools.

Here is what I made out of the poor light conditions, cauz it was taken in our barn.
Bernd is a good friend of my dad, and one of the leaders of the School.

Back from Winterbreak!

I hope everybody had great Holidays and a good start in the new year!!!!

I'll post the stuff on her I did over break =]

Stay tuned!