Saturday, February 7, 2009

right or wrong....thats the question

I few weeks ago, I rode the train back home.
I got in, and found a seat really fast, in that usually really packed train. Normally there is space on the mid deck for around 12 people, but just a guy and a girl where sitting around the table on the window.
I realized why it was so empty there, really fast.
The guy was a Nazi, and a three Left Radicals where passing and spitting at him.
The skin head was just sitting there, and didn't anything, while that happen.
10 minutes later, alt least nine Left Radicals came, and tried to beat him out of the train, while yelling:"This train does not drive for Nazis, get out on the next stop, or take your Londsdale Jacket off!!!"
He didn't took the jacket off, but didn't hit back, and his sister where yelling at the Lefties.
After a minute or so, till the train conductor came, and said that he will call the police, if they don't leave the wagon.

They left the wagon, and the train conductor locked the door, behind them. The Lefties kicked the door so hart, that the glass fall almost out. Than they went away.

I felt kinda helpless, because I didn't know what to say, and what to do with myself.
Fact is, nine left radicals tried to kick one Nazi with his sister out of the train.
I don't care if 10 vs 10 fight that out somewhere in the streets, but not nine vs 1 1/2.

I don't agree with the Nazis at all, but I felt sorry for the one guy, and I was kinda sad about the Lefties, because they made bad publicity about the left scene.

What was I supposed to do, besides sitting right next to it???

My dad said:" It's not our fight, the Nazis would do the same to a Leftie."
That sentence reminds me on the movie "Lord of War"

I put my camera on sport settings, Iso 1600 at f 1.8, but I just had my 50mm on, but there was no room in that train, so I didn't took any pictures, while they where around, but I got two shoots, when the Lefties leaved the train.

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